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Charity and The Captain is a new comedy adventure serial and graphic novel from a collaboration working under the name of Alarming TV. On this website you can share the creative process as it develops step by step from storyline and synopsis to visualisation and illustration.

An original creation by Les Brooksbank and Alan Owen the series follows the adventures of fictional Edwardian balloonists Charity Breakspear and Captain Alphonse Robespierre.

This site features glimpses of the episode Kippered!

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Introduction to the series and characters

An itinerant group of people led by The Captain, an effeminate balloonist and parachutist and Charity, a glamorous lady parachutist, give shows at around the turn of the 20th century which consist of a parachutist being tethered to an ascending balloon. When the balloon has gained an altitude of about 4,000 feet, the parachute is released for the parachutist to float gently back to earth. Of course it doesn’t always go as smoothly as this, particularly when their arch enemy, the evil Count Opalot and his huge, lumbering and ungainly manservant Nijinsky put a spanner in the works (which they do quite often), ensuring lots of adventures along the way.The Captain and Charity are always accompanied by Larry the Quack and Sheba the Shroud Maker a.k.a The Soothsayer, (depending on her job that day) along with their trained pet Jackdaw, Shiny.

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The series is set at the beginning of the Edwardian era. Not only was this the birth of a new century, but also a time of great change, with the death of one monarch and the ascension of another, the first appearance of motor cars, as well as political and social unrest throughout the British Empire and beyond.

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